• Prof.Julius Kuhl
  • Prof.Julius Kuhl
  • University of Osnabrueck, Germany
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    Professor Dr. Julius Kuhl (27. 7. 1947) is head of the personality section at the department of psychology at the University of Osnabrueck, Germany. After several years of research on the development of personality and motivation at the Max-Planck-Institute for psychological research in Munich and stays as visiting scientist at US universities (Michigan: 1976-78, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford: 1983-84) and in Mexico (UNAM: 1978, 1986) his research at Osnabrueck explored the functional basis of motivation, self-regulation, and personality development. He developed a comprehensive theory of personality (Personality Systems Interaction Theory: PSI) which integrates advances from motivational, developmental, cognitive and neuropsychological research. Based on this research a new assessment system was developed which specifies up to 100 components of peronality functioning. This "Evolvement-Oriented-Scanning": EOS) is available in various versions for adults as well as children. It identifies personal competencies and the areas of most promising developmental potential of the individual. Validation research of this system includes research on optimization of leadership counseling, personality development, training of personal skills of gifted students and optimization of efficiency of psychotherapy. Since 2008 PSI theory and EOS assessment is applied to research on bridging the gap between abilities and scholastic performance in young children (Lower Saxony Institute for Early Education and Development.
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